How many readers here are familiar with for hotel & accommodation bookings? Most people here surely are familiar with popular OTAs like Expedia, Orbitz,, etc. Well Agoda is pretty much the “Expedia” of Asia, they are huge there, though their website has pretty much all the same hotels worldwide you would find on any other favorite OTA of choice.


Well, they are promoting a coupon now for 10% off ALL hotel bookings through their mobile app! It is good through the end of the month! I’ve included a screenshot below of the exact terms. It does not apply to any bookings where you “pay at the hotel” so it must be for bookings where you pay in full through the app, at the time of booking. There is no minimum spend or duration of stay requirement either. There may be some hotel exclusions, but they’re not listed, the coupon simply won’t apply if you’ve selected for example the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore 😉




Here is the link for the 10% off coupon for Agoda, exclusively from 23 Hour Layover!

(though please feel free to share and spread the news about this deal!)



I’ve been using Agoda exclusively for my accommodation bookings ever since I discovered them, because they also have an awesome part of their site called “PointsMAX” where you can earn airline miles for all of your bookings too! Simply enter in your frequent flyer program of choice (they support many of the biggest programs, so check it out and see if your favorite is on the list!) and you’ll be shown how many miles you can earn on any booking, prior to booking.


Another great thing about the Agoda app is that prices across the board are generally around 4-5% cheaper than on the website. So combining this coupon with the app discount and you’ve got yourself almost 15% off any booking you were planning to make! The coupon is single-use only, and must be used on the app. If you click the coupon link from a browser window in mobile, it will send you directly to the Agoda app if you already have it installed. If it’s not already installed, it will send you to your phone’s “App Store” to download it. On a desktop, it will give you a link to an Agoda page with a QR code to scan with your smartphone to get the app. Or simply search for “Agoda” on the App Store on your phone.



Once you have the app installed, simply clicking on the coupon link in this post, will load the coupon onto your app, and its ready to be used and will automatically apply to whatever booking you’re about to make. I’ve included screenshots below, to show you how to verify that you have the coupon working in your app. From the main home/search tab of the app, you will see a red triangle in the bottom right corner of the screen, with the text “10% discount” displayed in it. Also, if you go to the menu and click the promotions tab, you will see the promotion listed as loaded already in your app.




This coupon is good through the month of MARCH. Get your bookings in before April 1st!

Here is the full text from the coupon’s terms:

“The promotion code entitles you to the discount on hotel room charges (exlcuding local taxes and service fees) and can only be redeemed for bookings made via the Agoda app.Certain hotels may be excluded from this promotion. In case of dispute the decision of Agoda shall be final.

The promotion code is non-transferable, non-cumulative and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount promotions, discounted items and fixed price items (unless specified).

The promotion code cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash, credit or other products.

These offers are bound by the terms and conditions of Agoda. Agoda Company reserves the right to change terms without notice.”





Here is the link for the 10% off coupon for Agoda, exclusively from 23 Hour Layover!

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