How to Automate the AmEx Everyday Preferred card’s 50% Points Multiplier Every Month Using Amazon Allowances

How to Automate the AmEx Everyday Preferred card’s 50% Points Multiplier Every Month Using Amazon Allowances

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Here’s a trick for those of us travel hackers who want to max out the benefits of the Everyday Preferred card from American Express. It involves setting up what’s called Amazon Allowances to oneself. The Amex Everyday Preferred card is great for unbonused spend, i.e. any spending you make that doesn’t earn a category bonus, such as travel and dining. It actually has some neat bonus categories, such as 3X points at supermarkets, and 2x points at gas stations, which gets further multiplied by the 50% bonus discussed in this article. With the 50% extra points multiplier that you’ll guarantee yourself after implementing the strategy in this article, you’ll also earn 1.5 Amex Membership Rewards points for every dollar spent on everything else, just like the Chase Freedom Unlimited, and the Discover It Miles card which earns 1.5% cashback as opposed to points.

Now, there is a requirement in order to “activate” the 50% extra points multiplier on the card every month, and that is that you must make at least 30 transactions on the card each billing cycle for that bonus to activate. For some people its no problem to use a card 30x every month, but do you want to spend the time tracking it to make sure you’re at the right count and don’t miss out on the benefit? Well the good news is, we have a great method, tried and true, to literally automate this process and you can relax, resting assured that your 50% extra points multiplier applies every month without any effort. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes to set up, and can be done from the comfort of your own home, right on Amazon, you can even do it all through their mobile app!

this is the goal every month!

One more thing to note, is that this entire process is going to leave you sitting with $150 in Amazon credit stored up in your own account. For me, this is not a problem, since Amazon credit is as good as cash, I do so much regular shopping there consistently, so having that credit stored up is not a bad thing at all. Some weeks or months it might not get fully depleted, though it usually does. But eventually a large purchase comes around to knock that reserve back down to zero. Assuming this is ok with most readers, and hopefully it is, since there’s so many ways to leverage a small buildup of Amazon credit, lets proceed.

Let’s get started with the instructions!

Assuming you already are a cardholder of the Amex Everyday Preferred, simply head over to Amazon and click on the “Your Account” tab. From there, you’ll find a section called “Allowances.” Once on that page, enter a title for the allowance you’re about to create, I make it something easy to remind myself what the purpose is, like “Ev Pref 30x” and then enter my own email address as the recipient, the “from” box you can put anything, or just fill in your own name.

Amazon’s explanation of how Allowances work

The “Amount” box is where you put $5.00 since thats the minimum amount allowed for an allowance. Next, select “Daily” in the Frequency box, and today as the start date! Click the box that says “Next” or “Sign In” below that, and then enter your card details for the Amex Everyday Preferred card, or select it if it’s already saved in your Amazon Wallet. After that, simply finish by clicking “Create Allowance” and you’re almost done!

give amazon allowance

this is exactly how I pre-fill the allowance page to set this up

Now you need to go to your email inbox or app, and wait for the confirmation email to confirm the allowance. You will receive 2 emails- one of them goes to your Amazon registered email to confirm that you are sending out this daily allowance, no action is required on your part. The other is the important one, which is sent to your own email address that you put into the “recipient” box, inside this email you must click on the link to “Accept” the allowance. That’s it! You’ll receive one more email to confirm its been accepted, and you’re all set. Just remember to pay off your bill on Amex every month 😉 as your statement will have 30 entries looking like the below image every month.


accept amazon allowance

don’t forget to click “accept” in this email!


Everything is automated and running smoothly now.

You can log in to your Amex account to verify everything is running smoothly, select the Everyday Preferred card in your accounts list, and you can track the progress until the benefit is activated. You can view a record of all the allowances added to yourself.

everyday preferred amazon

transactions listed on the card in AmEx account

transactions listed in Amazon account

American Express will also send you an email to notify you that the benefit has been activated, so you don’t even have to check up on it’s progress. I even do the same process with my Wells Fargo checking account which requires 10 transactions per month to make it fee-free.

this is what the AmEx confirmation email looks like once the bonus is activated for the month

Now you’re on your way to earning 1.5 AmEx Membership Rewards points on every purchase with your card, 4.5 points at supermarkets, and 4 points for gas too, and you don’t even have to lift a finger anymore or keep track of if you hit the bonus or not every month- you are! Thanks for reading, and check us out again for other tricks like this to earn and maximize your points earning. You can also sign up to our newsletter to get flight deals and tips right in your inbox!

amazon manage allowance

Look out for this email first, showing the “allowance” has been created

manage amazon allowance

Once you get this email, you’re all set!

manage amazon allowance

This is what your daily email will look like, showing that your process is running smoothly.

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