How to book a “mistake price” deal!

“Mistake price” deals happen all the time. We see them every day, actually. How do mistake fares happen?  There’s another article for that, and we definitely suggest you follow up on that too!

This page will explain what to do when you find a mistake price deal. First of all, congrats for finding a great deal! What’s the first thing you should do? Go ahead and book it NOW! Because mistake fares are usually exactly that- a price on a flight that was not intended to be published or made available to be booked, they are likely to disappear just as soon as you found one.

Now you’re ready to book it, great! Next, we strongly suggest you book the flight on Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, or any other major OTA that has “24 Hour Cancellation” guaranteed. Make sure to use a rewards credit card that earns anywhere from 3X to 5X points on travel purchases!

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