A lot of people are curious, or have asked me what I’m traveling with for this trip. Well, here’s a list! I consider it to be overall very light, which is my goal. I’ve seen & heard of travelers and bicycle travelers who go with less than what I’ve got, and I’ve seen people who bring the kitchen sink with them, loading up many panniers all over their bike, turning it into a house on wheels…

Well, I’m riding on a racing bike, I want it to remain light and fast and agile as it is when I use it in NYC! I don’t want accessories on it or make it look too ugly! I do have the advantage of using CouchSurfing, so I don’t need to pack stuff such as tents, sleeping bags, blankets, camping gear, etc. If I do have to sleep in a field or forest some night, I can handle it, I’ve slept in much worse places when I was in the Marines. Though I don’t anticipate needing to do that anyway, CS is everywhere, its amazing!

Here’s my list:




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